FDA 510k and CE certified

The Ultimate PRP Generation

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has gained tremendous momentum in the fields of aesthetics, traumatology, rheumatology, surgery and veterinary practice.

WorldPRP proposes a unique and innovative solution in the medical market. The system offers the possibility to extract a pure and high yield PRP, tailor-made to patients’ treatment.

Make way for the most elegant and safe solution: no more devices contaminated with blood or acrylates.

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High Useful Doses

One kit delivers a volume of 12 ml PRP, for a dose of 4.1 billion platelets. Physicians who require concentrated PRP will extract the buffy coat and mix it with plasma collected at the bottom of the upper compartment. With an average volume of 3ml, this PRP releases 4 billion platelets.


Platelet-rich plasma is prepared under perfectly sterile conditions. The separation of the plasma is achieved solely by the physical properties of the tube. As a result, the first generation tubes containing acrylate gel are obsolete. The risk of injecting toxic material into your patients no longer exists.

Fast and Easy

A gentle 3-minute centrifugation is enough to separate the platelets. Three phases appear: plasma, platelet concentrate, red blood cells. The buffy coat can be collected on its own or in suspension with the plasma by twisting the lower chamber counterclockwise.

Ultra Cost Efficient

The WorldPRP kit holds 25 ml and yields 1 to 12 ml of ultra-pure PRP. The device is as simple as it is revolutionary, making it a cost-effective investment. One kit is sufficient for most areas to be treated. It is no longer necessary to use more than one tube.

Simply superior

All advantages using the WorldPRP kit

FDA 510k clearance and CE mark certification

Patented hourglass shaped tube

For achieving the best results only with physical means

Anticoagulant on demand

AC could be used or not, depending on your practice or needs

PRP Leukocytes free

No inflammatory factors in the plasma

Gel or Acrylates free

PRP completely free of harmful additives

High platelet yield > 83%

Large volume of PRP

Allows an extreme variety of uses in a single sampling

Closed system

Provides a guarantee of sterility

Purity >97,3%

Red blood cells free to obtain the purest PRP possible

Fastest centrifuge time – 3 mins

Save valuable time

12 ml of PRP