5 main fields

Medicine  ·  Surgery  ·  Dentistry  ·  Veterinary Practice  ·  Cosmetic Medicine

5 main fields

· Medicine
· Surgery
· Dentistry
· Veterinary Practice
· Cosmetic Medicine

Les indications du PRP ne cessent de s’élargir. Nous en citerons quelques unes:


  • Plaies ou ulcères diabétiques

  • Cicatrisation des tissus

  • Rhumatologie: tendinites, arthrose, etc.

  • Gestion de la douleur


  • Réparation ligamentaire

  • Réparation méniscale

  • Implants et greffes (seins, graisse, os, etc.)

  • Cicatrisation des plaies et récupération post-opératoire

  • Urologie (troubles érectiles)

  • Gynécologie (raffermissement du plancher pelvien, troubles sexuels)


  • Réparation ligamentaire

  • Réparation méniscale

  • Implants et greffes (seins, graisse, os, etc.)

  • Cicatrisation des plaies et récupération post-opératoire

  • Urologie (troubles érectiles)

  • Gynécologie (raffermissement du plancher pelvien, troubles sexuels)


  • Chute des cheveux

  • Réjuvénation (visage, cou, décolleté, mains, etc.)

  • Comblement

  • Cicatrices

  • Taches

  • Acné et raffermissement des pores

  • Vergetures

The indications for PRP are constantly growing.
Your clinical results using our kit will be constant and mind-blowing. That’s the effect of true PRP.


  • Wounds and diabetic ulcers

  • Tissue healing

  • Rheumatology: tendinitis, osteoarthritis, etc.

  • Pain management

  • Traumatology

  • Arthrosis

100% secure. PRP therapy uses platelets collected from the patient’s own blood. There is therefore no risk of disease transmission, allergic reaction or rejection.

Convenient: in a baffling simplicity, the preparation of the PRP does not require complex surgical procedures. It is easy and fast. The doctor prepares a PRP concentrate containing platelets, white blood cells and plasma depending on the application of the product.

Natural. PRP is a simple, effective, inexpensive way to relaunch the body’s own repair mechanisms. There is no introduction of foreign substances, on the contrary the organism welcomes the PRP.

Cost effective. All growth factors, cytokines, and proteins are already present in the patient’s blood. No fees to be paid to a laboratory nor hospital fees.


  • Ligament repair

  • Meniscal repair

  • Implants and grafts (breast, fat, bone, etc.)

  • Wound healing and post-surgical recovery

  • Urology (erectile dysfunction)

  • Gynecology (strengthening of the pelvic floor, sexual dysfunctions)

Diabetic wounds and ulcers often respond surprisingly to the PRP. Sports medicine and orthopedics also provide their contingent of good indications including accelerated healing of self-transplants and ligamentation.

The management of tendon lesions now includes:
1) Rest
2) If failure: PRP (total withdrawal of corticosteroids)
3) Rest D15 or 21 and progressive sports rehabilitation
4) Surgery if failure.


  • Dental and oral surgery

  • Adjuvant treatment for wound healing

  • Senior patients

  • Tooth extractions

  • Implants

  • Bone grafts

  • Osteonecrosis

PRP is generously coated on the wound after dental surgery and effectively seals wounds against infectious agents, reducing the risk of complications. Wound saturation with PRP helps increase tissue synthesis due to its growth factors, and this promotes rapid tissue regeneration. Accelerating healing reduces the risk of subsequent infections, complications and discomfort. PRP will also be very useful in any bone graft, closing a cleft lip and cleft palate, sinus elevations, grafts affixed and embedded, etc.

Veterinary practice

  • Tendon, ligament and muscle tears and strains

  • Meniscal injury

  • Corneal injury

  • Refractory corneal ulcer

  • Arthrosis

  • Tendinitis

  • Skin Lesions

The PRP is used here alone or with a bone marrow sampling performed at the sternum. PRP is mainly indicated in the treatment of tendonitis of the flexor tendons (perforating and perforated) and of the ligaments of the suspensory ligament. It is recommended that these injections be performed in the sub-acute phase, that is to say between 8 and 12 days after the accident. It is admitted that this should not be done before this period because the tendon is too inflammatory and it is not recommended to do so after this period because the effects are less interesting.

Cosmetic Medicine

  • Hair Loss

  • Rejuvenation (face, neck, neckline, hands, etc.)

  • Filler

  • Scars

  • Dark Spots

  • Acne and pore tightening

  • Stretchmarks

Named “ Vampire facelift ®” by one of the pioneers of the PRP, Dr. Charles Runels, rejuvenation by the PRP quickly acquired his letters of nobility. The results are almost immediate, astonishing (provided there is a real PRP concentrated) and especially extremely durable, on the order of several years, as aging resumes its rights. We will speak here of an indication that is developing in a “viral” way:

PRP improves sexual function in men and women of all ages by stimulating blood vessel growth and nerve regeneration: erection is improved in men while women are more sensitive or have greater excitement leading more easily to orgasm. It goes without saying that orgasm in both sexes involves complex and interconnected mechanisms on the physical, psychological and emotional levels. The PRP does not pretend to solve everything but brings an extraordinary progress in this field.