One hourglass kit - Two pathways

Fill  ·  Centrifuge  ·  Concentrate  or  Collect

One hourglass kit - Two pathways

· Fill · Centrifuge · Concentrate or Collect

The hourglass is the only physical solution to the platelet concentration issue.
Thanks to the funnel effect, almost every leukocytes present in the blood sample are gathered into a single point.


The lateral inlet is used to carefully insert the blood sample (25 ml). It is also where, after centrifugation, you collect the quantity of desired plasma to produce the final formula.

The central inlet is the device’s most ingenious feature. By twisting it downward, the red blood cells are hermetically isolated from the rest of the plasma. The chamber also has an opening where a 1 ml syringe can be inserted at the surface of the buffy coat for its removal by aspiration from the neck of the device.


Platelets need to be handled with utmost care. The centrifuge step is critical in this respect. For optimal performance, we recommend the high-end TD5 centrifuge machine. It is so efficient that only 3 minutes are needed.

The machine is suitable for gentle, gradual centrifugation. Samples are placed horizontally in the device, thus benefitting from the full centrifuge force – an option not available with a 45° rotor, for instance.

The device is controlled by microprocessor with digital display and touchscreen technology. The cover has an automatic lock and protection against overheating and imbalance. Its performance is ultra-fast and noiseless. The high-grade stainless steel casing is safe and reliable.

CE Marking, ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 approved.

Choose your pathway

Concentration pathway

Twisting the bottom cap causes the red blood cells to rise, pushing the buffy coat to the neck of the device where it is accumulated.
You then twist the upper part to lower the central inlet and aspirate 0.1 to 0.3 ml of ultra-concentrated PRP.

The buffy coat is clearly visible. It is the cloudy substance sitting on the surface of the red blood cells, ready to be collected to make L-PRP or to be discarded if you want to obtain LP-PRP.

A second 5 ml syringe is then used to aspirate the plasma from the bottom of the upper chamber, where a good deal of platelets remains. This is the quintessence of PRP.


By adding up to 1ml of volume, you get a PRP with an RSI index of 16.25, capable of releasing 3.25 billion platelets.
In order to obtain a total volume of 3 ml, a simple connector can be used to connect the 1 ml syringe containing the pure concentrate with a 5 ml syringe containing plasma. The concentrate is suspended in the 5ml syringe in a homogeneous manner in a few comings and goings. You're ready for treatment. The RSI is now 6.70 (which is already well above all other existing devices) for a useful dose of 4 billion platelets.

Cosmetic medicine practitioners: we strongly recommend the use of the mesotherapy Pistor Eliance injector gun for the even distribution of the PRP across the treatment area in minimal time. It also complements the Derma Pen (micro-needling) for perfect synergy and guaranteed optimal, reproducible results.

Both devices can be presented upon request.

Collecting pathway

The other way of preparation is to use the platelet fractions from centrifugation directly.

Fraction 1 contains PPP (plasma poor in platelets), but is rich in many nutrients, it should not be overlooked when preparing FRP or for use in aesthetic medicine or dermatology. Note that this simple plasma contains as many platelets as the "PRP" produced by gel tubes.

Fraction 2 contains a first Basic PRP with about 20% of the platelets, for a platelet dose of less than 1 billion. It can be discarded if one wishes to keep only Fraction 3 or combined with it. In the latter case, combining Fractions 2 and 3 produces an Medium PRP of 7 ml, with 3.62 billion platelets.

Fraction 3 in the lower compartment is the richest in platelets (about 60%). It also contains the Buffy Coat, which can be integrated or not into the preparation to make LP-PRP or L-PRP. Its concentration rises to 8x for a platelet dose of 2.74 billion.
All combinations are possible, the kit allowing to realize a total of 8 different PRP.

  • Unique Design

    A 25 ml hourglass-shaped tube (patented in 2008) with two carefully crafted openings. The buffy coat can be easily identified in the neck of the device, where it can be extracted or discarded in a single step.

  • Gentle Centrifugation

    A quality centrifuge is a must, which is why we recommend a specific model with the use of our kits.

    One of the essentials of PRP is ensuring the maximum recovery of platelets, which start to degrade as soon as the blood is collected from the patient.

    To that end, a horizontal centrifuge with gradual action is required.

  • Easy PRP Extraction

    It takes only 3 minutes to separate the blood components. Seeing the visible buffy coat for the first time is absolutely amazing. With the simple twist of the bottom cap, you can collect the buffy coat from the neck of the device.

    A 1 ml syringe is inserted in the central inlet to recover the ultra concentrated platelet formula. A second extraction is used to draw the desired quantity of plasma to be mixed with the concentrate. Such a 1ml PRP has a 16.25 RSI and a concentration rate of 16 to 32x, delivering 3.25 billons platelets.

  • Législation

    WorldPRP is the exclusive distributor of sPRP kits in Europe, North Africa, North America and Brazil. It meets CE standards (directive 93/42/EEC). Biocompatible materials (ISO standard 9001). Sterilized by gamma irradiation (ISO standard 13485).